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Two Priceless Treasures 


Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai 

(English Translation) 

www.ubqari.orq Page 1 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 


There are a few prerequisites for these Spiritual Healers (waza'if) to be effective and fruitful: 

1. Perform them (waza'if) with firm belief. Doubt & uncertainty makes them ineffectual. 

2. Perform them with concentration. Supplications offered with lack of concentration fritter 

3. Earn Halal (legitimate) livelihood, haraam (prohibited) sustenance relinquishes the 
effect of an act (waz'ifa, Spiritual Healer). 

4. Perform every act for the sake of Allah tM? alone. Success is bound to the consent of the 

Creator. If He tM? is in your favor, only then you will succeed. 

5. Pay heed to the fara'idh (pl.fardh: compulsory acts), those who do not offer salaah and 
other far a' idh, their acts remain fruitless. 

6. Abstain from prohibited acts (sins). Adopting such practices that Shariah has declared 
haraam (prohibited), harms spirituality and then the spiritual healers (act, waza'if) do 
not prove to be effective. 

7. Ensure the correct pronunciation of words. Meanings of words change if they are 
pronounced incorrectly. 

8. Ensure taharah (cleanliness and purity as ordained by Allah tM?); keep yourself clean, 
your clothes and the place (of worship) as well. 

9. Perform an act with humbleness, humility and plead for help. Page 2 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

Two Priceless Treasures 

Compiled by 
Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood 

Ubqari Majzoobi Chughtai (Gold Medalist) 

Ubqari Institute 

78/3 Qurtaba Chowk, Mozang Chungi, Ubqari street, Jail Road Lahore (54000), Pakistan 

Tel: +92(42) 3755-2384, (42)3759-7605, (42)3758-6453 

English Translation (Revision December, 201 1) 

Bint e Mahmood 

www.ubqari.orq Page 3 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

Two Priceless Treasures 

Readers! There are five verses of the Holy Quran and a Dua (supplication), a total of six things that have 
divine spiritual effect, the affirmation of which is evident from the following experiences, observations 
and incidents. I have been given permission to recite this from certain devout "Awliya" (pi. of wall, 

pious people close to Allah W$). On their behalf and my own, permission to recite it, is granted to all the 


In today's mechanical era where there is a state of chaos and narcissism, everyone is in an effort to 

resolve his own matters. And on the other hand, if someone's financial conditions are stable or better as 

compared to others' in the society, people are unable to tolerate his well being. And they try to pull him 

through envy, spite, hatred, disgust and even turn towards witchery. If the following Two priceless 

treasures i.e. the collection of five Quranic verses and a supplication are recited by anyone after the 

fardh (obligatory) Salaah, he can acquire the following virtues and benefits. 

Please bear in mind that the more care, respect and concentration with which one recites them, the 

greater the benefit and virtues he will receive, because Allah t$H treats his creations according to what 

they expect from Him, therefore, the more complete, firm belief and faith on Allah ui^ , the more 
benefits and virtues would be gained. 


First recite durood shareef and then P*^-** Cr**~jr „ £r 11 "i before reading the following six 
supplications, after every fardh (obligatory) Salaah: 

♦ Surah Fatihah (Chapter 1) 

♦ Ayat ul Kursi (Chapter 3, Surah Baqarah, Verse 255) 

♦ Verse 18-19 (Chapter 3, Surah Aali-Imran) 

♦ Verse 26-27 (Chapter 3, Surah Al e Imran) 

♦ Verse 128-129 (Chapter 11, Surah Taubah) 

♦ Hadhrat Abu Darda's Supplication (Dua) 

(Book Asma wa safaat HI Bahiqi Pg 125, with reference to Hayat us Sahaba (Arabic) volume 3, Pg 69). 
These dua's will appear in detail from pages 12 to 16. Page 4 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 


Hadhrat Abu Ayub Ansari *&$£> narrates that when Surah Fatihah, Ayat ul Kursi, Shahid Allah and 
Allahumma Maalikal Mulk were revealed; they clung to the Throne of Allah WM and said: 'Are You going to 

reveal us to such people who are sinful?" Allah i» replied: 'By the oath of My Grandeur and Magnificence, 
whosoever recites you after every fardh (obligatory) Salaah, We will forgive them and We will grant them a 
place in Jannat ul Firdous (Highest rank of Paradise) and We will look at them 70 times daily with kindness and 
We will fulfill 70 of their needs, the least of which is forgiveness (Magh'firat). In some narrations, it is mentioned 
that the reader of the wazifa will be given dominance over his enemies. 

(Ruhul Ma'ani; Vol. 3, pg 106) 


Allama Sakhavi (RA) narrates from Abu Bakr bin Mohammad (RA) that he was with Hadhrat Abu Bakr 
bin Mu v jahid when Shaykh ul Mashaikh Hadhrat Shibli (RA) came in. Hadhrat Abu Bakr bin Mujahid 
stood up to welcome Hadhrat Shibli (RA) and hugged and kissed his forehead. Upon witnessing this, 
Allama Sakhavi (RA) asked Hadhrat Abu Bakr bin Mujahid why he had accorded Hadhrat Shibli (RA) 
with such a warm welcome, while most of the learned scholars of Baghdad do not think so highly of 
Hadhrat Shibli (RA). Hadhrat Abu Bakr bin Mujahid replied that he had done precisely what he had 

seen the Beloved Prophet ffij^do. 

Hadhrat Abu Bakr bin Mujahid went on to say that in his dream he saw Hadhrat Shibli (RA) at the 

august court of the Beloved Prophet $09. The Beloved Prophet stood up and kissed the forehead of 
Hadhrat Shibli (RA) and upon my insistence, the Beloved Prophet said that; after every prayer, Hadhrat 

Shibli (RA) recites c*-^ «• ***- **-** until the end of the Surah (Surah Taubah, Verses 128-129). In one 

narration it is cited that whenever Hadhrat Shibli (RA) offers the obligatory Salaah, he recites these 

verses till the end. 

Abu Bakr (RA) narrates that after this dream when Hadhrat Shibli (RA) visited him, I asked Hadhrat 

Shibli (RA) which durood sharif do you recite after obligatory Salaah, Hazrat Shibli (RA) 

acknowledged reciting these particular two verses on a regular basis. 

Another person has narrated a similar type of occurrence. Abu Al Qasim Khazzaf (RA) narrates that 

once Hadhrat Shibli (RA) went to Abu Bakr bin Mujahid' s (RA) masjid (Mosque, a place of worship for 

Muslims). Abu Bakr (RA) stood up on seeing him. This incidence spread among Abu Bakr's (RA) Page 5 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

students. And they asked their teacher Abu Bakr (RA), that you didn't show a similar gesture when the 
Governor came instead you accorded such a welcome to Hadhrat Shibli (RA) by standing up for him. 
Abu Bakr (RA) replied that why shouldn't I have embraced such a person to whom even the Beloved 

Prophet ffi§l gives regard? 

After this, Abu Bakr (RA) narrated his dream and exclaimed, 'Last night I saw the Beloved Prophet ffi§l 
in my dream and He said to me that a Jannati (a person on whom Paradise has become obligatory) will 
visit you tomorrow, and when he comes treat him with respect. 
Abu Bakr (RA) goes on to narrate that a day or two after this incident occurred, I once again saw the 

Beloved Prophet ffi§l in my dream and He said to me, 'O Abu Bakr! May Allah honor and give you 
respect in the same way as you treated a Jannati. ' 

Abu Bakr (RA) narrates that I asked the Beloved Prophet ffi§l how come Shibli (RA) has this special 

honor and respect? The Beloved Prophet ffi§l replied that Shibli recites the verse p* ^^ Jl ^ ( Saurah 
Taubah, 128-129) after every obligatory Salaah, five times a day and he has been doing so for 80 
(eighty) years now. 

Fazail e durood shareef (cited from qaul e badee) 

♦♦♦ When those who were struggling with financial problems and unemployment recited these six 
supplications with regularity and firm belief after every obligatory Salaah, astonishing benefits were 

♦♦♦ A person used to work in a mill (factory) in Lahore on Sheikhupura (Pakistan) road. He was very 
well placed in the mill (factory). However, once he had some argument with the mill owners, and 
eventually he had to lose his job. For a certain period of time, he survived on the savings, but for 
how long? His savings depleted and he was forced to take loans to make ends meet. After a while the 
people even stopped borrowing him money. All this time, he kept on struggling to find a job but 
wasn't successful. Finally, in Lahore, he was told to recite these six supplications and since he was 

worried, he started reciting them with regularity. Allah ui^ showered him with His Blessings and 
his conditions progressed. And today, the same person is once again enjoying a comfortable and 
prosperous life. Page 6 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

♦ A police officer was suspended for taking bribes. He struggled hard for reinstatement but since the 
senior officers were at odds to him for a longtime now, he failed to succeed. The police officer was 
introduced to me through someone. He was extremely worried and ashamed, friends and family had 
left him. And he has become simple and humble. After taking his vow to earn a legitimate (Halal) 
livelihood, I advised him to recite these six supplications after every obligatory Salaah. I met this 
person after a few months; he was reinstated to his position and was content. 

♦ A long time ago, a young man was settled in USA and had his permanent resident status (Green 
Card). Once due to a mistake by him, the government confiscated his green card (i.e. relinquished 
his permanent resident status) and he also lost his job. He stayed in USA for a while and then came 
to Pakistan. He was from Mardan (Pakistan). As the Pakistani Rupee does not have any considerable 
monetary value as compared to the USA dollar, the young man shared similar thoughts as well. He 
launched two businesses in Pakistan, but lost millions in both of them. When he was told to recite 
these six supplications, he recited them regularly for a while. I met him after some time and he told 

me that by the grace of Allah t§|f , his problems had been resolved and he is content and satisfied. 

♦ There was a transporter. He had rented out three vans (commercial passenger vehicles). By Allah 

uiw s will, two vehicles met an accidents in succession. And a single vehicle was insufficient to 
meet the expenses of the family and his employees. Finally, he sold that vehicle and used the amount 
to repair the other two, but the situation worsened and he was not able to get the other two vehicles 
on road. His debts were increasing every day. His strife was only increasing the misery. Finally 
when this humble person advised him to read this wazifa (six supplications) and he started to recite it 

with regularity and concentration, his problems gradually vanished by the grace of the Allah l^sl. 
♦♦♦ This humble person met a man who was unemployed for a long time and was alone responsible for 
his nine children. And on it he was poor, and had two bhighas (land area conversion unit equivalent 
to 1 acre (hectar) approx.) of land that somehow provided for his sustenance. Someone gave him an 
advice to sell the land and start a good business. It was written in his fate and so he did it. Since he 
was inexperienced in business he made partner with an experienced person. But his partner deceived 
him and thus the business eventually faced failure. He was extremely distressed. This humble person 
told him to recite all six supplications with regularity. And he followed it regularly. I was myself 
astounded to see how Allah bestowed His benevolence upon him. Page 7 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

♦ In today's time when unemployment is at its peak and educational degrees have no value, bribery 
and intercession are on the rise. In such circumstances when I asked unemployed people to recite 

these Two priceless treasures, surprisingly, new opportnities emerged from divine and Allah tM? 
bestowed His benevolence to an extent that is beyond imagination. 

♦ A young man met me in Quetta. After the daras (A talk on peace and spirituality), he narrated his 
story. He told that his father was a cleric (peon) in the department of irrigation and for the past two 
years he is retired. We are two brothers and three sisters and I am the eldest. Even in this state of 
poverty, my father desired that I should try for post graduate education. I have completed my M.Sc. 
in Physics. After my father's job, my family is finding it hard to make ends meet. I have strived for a 
job. I got one or two but the salary wasn't sufficient. And my father's pension isn't enough to 
support the entire household expenses. This humble person advised him to recite the six 
supplications after every obligatory Salaah and priceless treasure 2 (details will follow soon) as 
much as possible. Approximately after a years' time I received a letter from him, saying that he has 
managed to find a good job with a private organization and his livelihood has gained. 

♦ A doctor complained that he used to run his own private practice (clinic). He was a very intelligent 
and knowledgeable physician but when he moved his clinic to another location, he faced continuous 
failure. I advised him to recite the six supplications and also told him to recite priceless treasure 2 

the whole day. Allah ui^ bestowed him immensely with His blessings and bounties. 

♦ A person narrated his dream and he explained that he had seen a very devout elderly person and that 
devout has endorsed the accomplishments of a Dervish (a religious devout). The devout went on to 
emphasize that these supplications should be recited with immense concentration and that these six 
supplications are similar to six seas. The more you read them; more you will earn the pearls of 
wonders. After reading these six seas, never fall prey to doubt or suspicion as the one who desires to 
reach to the heights of religious wisdom and ranks, he should never abandon these six supplications. 

♦ A person narrated his dream as follows: I see six water springs and every spring has one of the six 
supplications written on it. Water is gushing out from each spring and forms a canal. I am feeling 
very sick in the dream and I hear a voice from the divine that says "drink from this canal you will 
acquire (bounties) beyond your imagination". The person went on to say that in his dream he drank 
the water. And the water was so sweet and tasteful that I cannot describe. When I woke up, I could 
still feel the sweetness of the water in my mouth. Page 8 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

♦ A woman narrated her dream. She mentioned that she had been reciting this wazifa for the last 
Eleven years and had seen many dreams in this context. She went on to describe one of her dreams: 

I see a huge palace that is completely white but there is no door to go inside. I get tired of trying 
to find the entrance to the palace. Suddenly, It struck me that I usually recite six supplications 
after every obligatory Salaah, so why not recite them in this difficult moment as well? I recited 
these six supplications. Just as I had finished reading them, six doors appeared leading to the 
palace. A few people were standing at each door to welcome me. I entered the door that was 
closest to me and asked, "what is this?' They replied that it is the wonder of the supplications 
you recite after every obligatory Salaah. And I woke up after that. 

♦ A person from Gujrat (Pakistan) narrated his own personal account: I married my daughter in an 
unknown family. Matters worsened and after one and a half year the marriage dissolved. The 
groom's family became our enemies and on several occasions there made murderous attempts on us. 
And they wanted to kill me and my daughter. According to your instructions, I started to recite these 
six supplications and since then till this day all their murder attempts not only failed instead they 
turned against them. They suffered great human and financial losses and eventually abandoned 
enmity against us. 

♦ Once a person narrated his incidents: "I used to be poor. Allah W& blessed me with barkah 
(affluence) in my business and I prospered. My relatives and friends couldn't tolerate it and turned 
against me. Once, I was sitting with a pious Aamil (A person who is responsible for spiritual 
healing). According to his calculation, he told me that I was under the spell of ominous magic and 
evil talismans. He gave me a few talismans and something to read. I started to read those things; they 
were beneficial for a short while. After this, I visited another Aamil but never had a permanent relief. 
I lost my memory because of the people who envied me and their evil talismans. My business 
suffered great loss. My house became home to agitation, frustration and sickness. As per you advice, 
when I started to recite these six supplications, Alhamdo Lilah, by the grace and blessings of Allah 

Sw, all the effects of black magic and talismans vanished. 

Dear readers! This Spiritual Healer (named as Two priceless treasures) is immaculate and 
comprehensive for all types of ominous magic, enchantments and evil talismans. Believe me, in my 
decades of experience, this Spiritual Healer (wazifa) has solved the problems of not only hundreds but 
tens of thousands of people, whose lives were made desolate by vicious bewitchers and enchanters. Page 9 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

Numerous people shared their experiences and said that they fall victim to evil eye (nazar-e-bad) and 
because of this; they face various ailments, misfortunes and miseries in their lives. Ever since they have 
started to recite this Spiritual Healer (wazifa), the evil eye has been averted. When this wazifa was 
recited and then prayed (dum: to blow slightly) on several children who had the evil eye, they regained 
their health. A student of College (F.A i.e. 11 th / 12 th Standard in College) complained that, "I get evil 
eye very often and because of it my academics have suffered". When he was told to read this wazifa, his 
longtime ordeal was relieved. 

♦ A person once narrated his incident: "I was called for lunch in the suburbs of Sindh (Pakistan), the 
host used to be against me however they called me over for lunch as a gesture of rejuvenating 
friendly ties. They gave me deadly poison in the meal; every bite of it was inviting me to death. I had 
the lunch, and started my journey again. I had hardly travelled for half an hour and I started whirling 
and I felt like throwing up. I parked the car in a town and vomited the whole meal out. An 
experienced Doctor's assistant, was there and he saw my condition and said that I have been given 
poison and he has never seen anyone surviving this poison. In short, after suffering for a day and 
taking some light medication, I was in the best of my health and I have a firm belief that this is all 
due to the blessings of reciting the six supplications, after every obligatory Salaah. 

♦ A female patient once approached me. She started crying and told me that her husband no longer 
loves her, always argues with her and has illicit relations with other women. She mentioned that she 
had tried many talismans in this regard. This humble person told her to recite these six supplications 

and priceless treasure no. 2, the whole day, as much as possible. By the grace of Allah W& her 
matter was resolved and her home regained the peace and love. 

♦ A person got married and he was a very pious and devout and just after 28 days the wife left for her 
parents. He was worried because for first two weeks they had enjoyed a pleasant marital relationship 
but in the third week, they had disputes and conflicts and apparently, there was no compelling reason 
for all this to happen. He was extremely upset. This humble person told him to recite these two 

spiritual healers (waza'if). And his problem was resolved by the grace of Allah I3w. 

Dear Readers! I have tried and tested these two price less treasures for incurable diseases such that the 
human mind gets astounded. When hopeless and incurable patients read this wazifa with concentration Page 10 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

and intentness, Allah t$S? blessed them with the best of health from His divine treasures, and the 
patients themselves were surprised. 

♦ A patient was undergoing treatment for bone marrow cancer at the Lahore Cancer Hospital 
(Pakistan), and he was not recovering. This humble person advised him to recite these two price less 
treasures (waza'if) and to continue his medical treatment along with it. The patient was incurable 
however in a very short period he recovered with this advice. 

♦ Similarly, there was a patient who had completely lost his memory and doctors had declared that he 
was suffering from the fatal disease of schizophrenia. When he recited these two price less treasures 

(waza'if), Allah tUf blessed him with health. 

♦ A well established farmer told to me that his crops were immensely infested by pests. I advised him 
to use pesticide sprays along with with two sprays of water, one on which the six supplications 
(price less treasure no. 1) were to be recited 40 times and on the other priceless treasure 2 for 40 
times. The landlord followed and succeeded in controlling pest attack. The crop was phenomenal. 
And later in one of his farms, he just sprayed water on which he had recited the price less treasures 
(wazifa) instead of pesticides. And he had a record produce and fellow farmers and villagers were 
surprised. But dear friends! This is all due to firm belief. The stronger the belief, the greater the 

Dear readers! Nevertheless, the benefits that I have quoted are the essence of decade's experience that I 
have gained through personal and readers practice as well of the Two priceless treasures. People's 
experiences and observations are abundant and the rewards and benefits of this spiritual healer (wazifa) 
are infinite. I know about thousands of such incidents that would comprise a whole book. And thus here, 
I have tried to quote shortly only a few incidents. Page 11 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

» Ct. i » 6 

In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful 

2$, j jus aft o 4$i {J <# o pr^t ^Jto&fcfc 4»5 «n iUfi 

9 * 9 ' 9 * 9 * t 9 9 *\' ' 9 '*' ' 9 & { ' ' 9 ■»' 9 *\ f ' m t " 9 " ' 9 ' 

_(<fc*fl* djj^) o (j*}1) detail ? J f*?* 

Praise belongs to Allah ui^, the Lord of all the worlds. The All-Merciful, the Very Merciful. The Master 

of the Day of Requital. You alone do we worship, and from You alone do we seek help. Take us on the 

straight path. The path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who have 

incurred Your wrath, nor of those who have gone astray. (Surah Fatihah- Al Quran) 

Allah: There is no God but He, the Living, the All- Sustaining. Neither dozing overtakes Him nor 

sleep. To Him belong all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth. Who can intercede with Him 

without His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them; while they encompass 

nothing of His knowledge, except what He wills. His Chair extends to the Heavens and to the Earth, and 

it does not weary Him to look after them. He is the All-High, the Supreme. (Ayat ul Kursi-Al Quran) Page 12 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

«> fay A & $11 S»op^» 3^< # 1i*& 

(i9-i8ji^ jt>ooL1^J| £>j^> Allt ^w 41)1 ci'b jiS j* j 

Allah bears witness that there is no God but He - and (so do) the angels and the men of knowledge - 

being the One who maintains equity. There is no God but He, the Mighty, the Wise (18). Truly, the 

(recognized) religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. Those who have been given the Book did not differ 

(among themselves) until after the knowledge had come to them, (and all this) due to envy against each 

other. Whoever denies the verses of Allah, then, Allah is swift at reckoning (19) 

(Surah Al E Imran, Verse 18-19- Al Quran) 

O Oll^ jj& frlAJ^ JjJ J ,VJ» £A d£ll TjtVj C**J1 

(27-26 o^J T «j>*) Page 13 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

Say: "O Allah \$&, O Lord of the Kingdom, You give kingdom to whom You will, and take kingdom 
away from whom You will; and You bestow honor on whom You will, and bring disgrace to whom You 
will. In your hand lies the betterment (of everyone). You are surely powerful over everything. (24) You 

make the night enter into the day, and make the day enter into the night; and You bring the living out 
from the dead, and bring the dead out from the living, and You give to whom You will beyond measure. 

(25)" (Surah Ale Imran, Verse 24-25- Al Quran) 

(129-1 28*jj3 ojj~*)o JL^ J» 9 J6\ 4>j j* j 

Surely, there has come to you, from your midst, a Messenger who feels it very hard on him if you face a 

hardship, who is very anxious for your welfare, and for the believers he is very kind, very merciful 

(128). So, if they turn away, say (O Messenger,) "Enough for me is Allah. There is no god but He. In 

Him I have placed my trust, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne. (129)" 

(Surah Tawbah, Verse 128-129- Al Quran) 

o£U j .J, &S>& ii Sill S'J $Af^>¥ji&\ S« '<& 

Q*j*j* s <£**> 0(4^» £0-f J^* Zsi} &l 

www.ubqari.orq Page 14 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

Oh Allah t$S?, You are my Lord. There is nothing worthy of worship except You. I place all of my trust 
and reliance in You and You are the Lord of the Noble Throne. Whatever Allah wishes takes place, and 

whatever He does not desire, does not occur, and there is no power and no strength except in Allah ti^, 

The Exalted, The Mighty. I know that Allah ui^ is Powerful over all things and that Allah u?S> has 

knowledge of all things. Oh Allah t3w 5 I seek refuge in You from the evil of my Soul (nafs) and from 
the evil of every creeping crawling creature. You are master over them. Verily, My Lord is on the 

Straight Path. 

(Supplication ofHadhratAbu Darda 6 ^^ for Protection) Page 15 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 



<uL*j f UJLpCJ 

-** *" <* 9 * *^ *> ?**<*> * * * ** 

O <~^-b *JLpU cXlaJb . _> <JikJt 

Dear Readers ! The above pnce /ess treasure no. 2 (wazifa) should be recited preferably with wudhu 
(ablution) and in any state (i.e. while working, standing, sitting, and walking infact the whole day). The 
following incident is being quoted for its validation: 

An elderly pious person narrates that once I greatly felt, disturbed and fearful. And in this state I left for 
Makkah Mukarramah (The holy pilgrimage city for Muslims in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) on foot and 
didn't bring along any food as well. And I continued my journey without food and water for three days. 
On the fourth day, I feared death because of the intense thirst and I couldn't find a shaded tree in the 

jungle below which I can rest. I entrusted myself to Allah tM? and sat down facing towards the Bait ul 

Allah (The Ka'aba, the Sacred House of Allah ti^, that all Muslims face towards while praying). I fell 
asleep and I saw a pious person in dream; he extended his hand towards me and said, 'Give me your 
hand'. I extended my hand and he shook it and exclaimed, T bring you good news that you would 
perform Hajj - the holy pilgrimage in the best of health and would also visit the Blessed Prophet's 

MasjidffiB?. I asked: May Allah u?S> shower His blessings upon you, who are you? He replied: "I am 
Khidhar SSS". I asked him to pray for me. And he directed me to recite the following supplication 
 Page 16 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

'O One Who is compassionate with His creation, O One who has complete knowledge of His creation, O One who 
has complete awareness of His creation! Treat us with gentleness O Compassionate, O All-Knowing, O All- 
He then exclaimed that this is a present that will benefit you forever. Whenever you face any difficulty 
or encounter any calamity, just recite these words and the situation will turn favorable. After saying this, 
he disappeared. 

I heard a voice calling out to me, 'O Sheikh! O Sheikh!' I woke up with his voice and saw that the 
person calling out to me was riding a camel. He asked me if I had seen a young man with the following 
appearance. And I told him that I have not! He went on and said that it had been seven days since one of 
his son has left their home and they had been informed that he is on his way to perform Hajj- the holy 
pilgrimage (in the city of Makkah Mukkarmah). 

He then asked me where I plan to go. I replied wherever Allah ui^ takes me. He got off the camel. And 
took out two pieces of bread that had a desert (halwa) in between and a container of water and gave 
them to me. I drank the water and ate one piece of bread and it was plenty for me. He then carried me 
behind him on the camel. And we travelled for two nights and a day and caught up with a caravan. He 
inquired the people of the caravan about his son, and found out that he was a part of their group. 
He left to search for his son. After a while, he returned with the young man and said to him, 'Son! It is 

because of the blessings of this man (and pointed towards me) that Allah W$ has made your search 
easier for me. I left them and joined the caravan for the Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah Mukkarmah. Once 
again the same man came back to, and gave me a folded paper, and kissed my hands and left. When I 
looked in it, there were five gold coins. And I used his present of money to pay for the rent of the camel, 
my meals and performed pilgrimage and then went to Madinah (City of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). I 

visited the Masjid of the Blessed Prophet ffigland the holy grave of Hadhrat Ibrahim Khalil Ullah^M. 
And since then whenever I face any difficulty or situation, I recite the above supplication that was given 

to me by Hadhrat KhidharSSBl I admire his virtue and generosity and I am grateful to Allah ui^ for this 

(Reference: Roz Ar Riyyaheen) 
Dear Readers! When people who were continuously facing crisis and were surrounded by circumstances 
from all corners of life, recited this spiritual healers (priceless treasure no. 2) 303 times (i.e. three 
tasbeehat (pi. tasbeeh)) twice a day (i.e. preferably once in the morning and once in evening) and in Page 17 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

addition to it, recited it the whole day, excessively, in any state, while working, sitting and standing. 

Surprisingly, astounding recoveries were seen. 


The popularity of the Two priceless treasures has spread around the globe. Several people have 
personally printed its booklets and distributed them. And it is impossible to calculate the number of 
people who have benefitted from it. And how many more are still doing getting it from this spiritual 
healer (wazifa). And it is resolving their matters and providing them with a relief by the grace and 

blessings of Allah ti^. 

Dear readers! Only a few of the testimonials that we have received lately are being quoted here and it is 
hoped that these evidences and observations would be conducive enough to improve one's faith in the 
spiritual healer and result in its practice as well. 

♦♦♦ Once a serving Colonel in the army greeted me with affection. After introducing himself he said: I 
found the booklet, 'Two priceless treasures' from somewhere and briefly read it once. However 
after reading it once, I felt that it has something divine in it. And then I read it in detail and started 
to recite priceless treasure no. 1 after every obligatory Salaah and priceless treasure 2 the whole 
day in every state (while working, sitting and standing, excessively). I experienced that my 
lingering issues that had not been solved for many years now, started to resolve and ordeal started 
to lessen. I had a car that I wanted to sell for quite some time now, yet always futile. Later on, after 
reciting the price less treasures, a few buyers approached me and the car was eventually sold. My 
son required a motorcycle to go to college and I was in search of a pre owned (second hand) 
motorcycle at a reasonable price and finally I succeeded in getting a good deal on it. I then started 
to distribute Two priceless treasures booklet to fellow army officers that I used to buy from Masjid 
Al-Falah building, Mall Road, Lahore-Pakistan. Who ever read it once, used to become devoted of 
it. And I have bought numerous booklets and distributed them to army officers. And I witnessed the 
circumstances of those people progressed. Who once, suffered from worldly problems, crisis and 
situations, and heard the same, from them as well. 

♦ Now some people complain to me, to get them more booklets of 'Two priceless treasures. As either 
they have given it their friends or their wives to other women who suffered crisis in their lives. 
Thus tens of people have gained benefit and their matters have progressed. The Colonel further 
expressed that I am shocked to believe that how people could have ignored such a remarkable Page 18 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

spiritual healer (wazifa), despite the fact that most of them are suffering from hardships and 

failures, why don't they recite priceless treasure no. 2 excessively the whole day, while working, 

standing, sitting and walking. This is my experience as well as the experience of many others that 

faced similar situations, that those who recited priceless treasure no. 2 the whole day their 

adversities abandoned them. The Colonel while narrating his observations told of an important 

point: "that the one's level of concentration, attention and belief in the spiritual healer (wazifa) is 

proportional to his benefit from it, As the benefit of any spiritual healer is associated with the faith 

and firm belief in it". He also mentioned that if a person is reciting this spiritual healer (wazifa) 

without hope and belief in it, he would not gain any benefit from it although he is reciting (or 

practicing) it. 

Dear Readers! This is in essence why I request all my readers to recite this spiritual healer "The Two 

priceless treasures" with utmost confidence, concentration and attention and not to divert attention on 

another spiritual healer as well or add another one with it, on someone's advice. And nonetheless start a 

new spiritual healer (wazifa) every few days or even recite many spiritual healers simultaneously. The 

only path to earn all the bounties and virtues from 'Two priceless treasures ' is to recite priceless 

treasure no. 1 after every obligatory Salaah and priceless treasure no. 2 excessively the whole day in 

any state (while working, sitting, standing and walking at all times). The Colonel also said that 

whenever I had recited this spiritual healer with concentration, attention and devotion, I saw heaven 

(glories) on earth. 

♦ Once, during a discussion with a Qari, (a person who recites the Qur'an with the proper rules of 
recitation) whom I knew personally, mentioned that his daughter was suffering from some pain. He 
said: I took my daughter to an Aamil (religious devot) and he gave me a talisman along with Two 
priceless treasures booklet. I was surprised that he had printed booklets of 'Two priceless treasures'. 
I asked him, 'Do you know Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai (db)?' He replied, 'My 
brother visited their city and he brought this booklet. I read it and provide it to my patients as well. 
And I experienced that my patients are gaining from it. So I had the booklets printed and started to 
distribute them. He said that as of now, he has printed and distributed six editions of the booklet and 
each edition was no less than 2000-2500 booklets. I then personally visited the Aamil and in a 
response to my inquiry the Aamil said, T highly commend the outcomes and benefits of this spiritual 
healer, and I give this Two priceless treasures booklet in addition to my talismans. And emphasize Page 19 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

on my patients to read it. It is due to it that my patients have recovered rapidly and their problems 
have been mitigated. The Aamil also mentioned that over 100 booklets were given to patients in the 
Sharif Medical City Hospital (Lahore, Pakistan) and they recovered surprisingly after practicing it. 
There were many people who aspired to go abroad (for earning a livelihood) but faced hindrances 
and ordeals in every step of it. When they recited priceless treasure no. 1 after every obligatory 
Salaah and priceless treasure no. 2 excessively the whole day, their cases progressed. And they 
faced no further hindrances in their process and reached their destinations with ease. 
There were such students who came to me complaining about failing in their papers and their parents 
used to criticize them for their lack of concentration towards studies. They faced with academic 
failures continuously, yet when they recited 'Two priceless treasures', their academic performance 
improved considerably and they earned better positions afterwards. 
I was approached by families who were extremely worried for their daughter's (marriage) proposals. 

I advised them to read, 'Two priceless treasures' and by the grace and blessings of Allah ui^ , they 

got relief and Allah ui^ blessed them with compatible match from His divine treasures. 
There are businessmen in my knowledge, whose businesses were in crisis ages, and their situations 
were worsening every day and problems were getting more complicated, when they read 'Two 
priceless treasures' with concentration, attention and belief, their crisis started to mitigate gradually 
and finally they recovered from it. 

A person met me in Sargodha and narrated his incident: I was under the influence of a Spirit (a 
supernatural creature, jinn), and I had taken advice from you over the telephone. And you advised 
me to read, 'Two priceless treasures' and I started it. In the beginning, the spirit (jinn) who used to 
appear in front of me used to be healthy and vigorous but since I started this spiritual healer (the 
Two priceless treasures) they appear dilapidated. This humble person (I) replied that it seems that 
you have been reciting this less frequently. I then asked him to recite 'Two priceless treasures' in a 
special manner. (This special method is described on pg 22) 

Once a woman told me that she had been under the influence of a spirit (jinn) since childhood. And 
then later some time she started practicing the 'Two priceless treasures' on someone's advice. But 
since I started to read it I began to see the spirit (jinn) and he stopped me from reading it and hurt 
me as well. So I stopped reading it. I told the lady that the reason why the spirit (jinn) told you to Page 20 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

stop reading the spiritual healer is that he is getting disturbed by it; therefore do not abandon it and 
continue the of Two priceless treasures. And I further advised her to read it in a special way. 

♦♦♦ A friend of mine shared his experiences saying that there are numerous benefits of reading, 'Two 
priceless treasures' especially in the situation where animosity and conflicts exist between husband 
and wife. And differences between spouses instigated a fire of aggression and unrest that engulfed 
the entire house. When they started to read 'Two priceless treasures', their relationship eventually 
became peaceful and serene. This isn't really the case of a single couple instead it is the effect of 
the Two priceless treasures on the lives of numerous homes today. 

♦♦♦ A person from Karachi complained that his son was feeble-minded. He was hopeful about his son's 
bright future but his son was lacking in academics despite his continuous efforts. I advised him to 
recite priceless treasure no. 1 and blow it over (dum) a desert (meethi misri i.e. crystallized sugar 
candies). I told him to practice it daily for 120 days. And following it his son's intellect was highly 
improved and he recovered mentally. 

♦ The principal of a private school said that: I had instructed the students of senior classes to recite, 
'Two priceless treasures' after the assembly in the morning and then begin their academic syllabus. 
I have been implementing this practice for quite some time and I have observed that my school's 
academic performance has improved as compared to other private schools and the aptitude of my 
students have risen. 

♦ I once received a letter from a Lady teacher in Lala Musa (Pakistan) through postal mail in that she 
had expressed her crisis in detail. I advised her to read 'Two priceless treasures'. She sent me her 
complete address on a prepaid envelope with a stamp of Rs.10 on it and so we mailed her a copy of 
Two priceless treasures. Her dilemma was that her husband had left her and has started a 
relationship with another woman. Although her martial life has come to an end with him, yet she 
wanted to settle down with respect and dignity. When she mentioned 'Two priceless treasures' to 
her colleagues at her school, a lady teacher replied that her brother has also sent her a spiritual 
healer (wazifa) from Saudi Arabia and tens of people have recovered from calamities and 
adversities of life through it. The next day her colleague brought it and when they compared the two 
they were exactly the same. Her colleague mentioned that her brother has sent it to her and told her 
that the people who recited it, found a solution to their problems and it is very popular in Saudi 
Arabia. And that it has been brought from Pakistan. She further explained that her brother advised Page 21 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

her that its benefit and relief depends upon the confidence and belief you have in it, the stronger the 
belief, more prompt the benefit. 

♦ Once a person named Shakeel from Jahaniyaan (District Khanewal-Pakistan) met me. He had been 
reading 'Two priceless treasures' for a long time but always inspired to meet me in person. He said 
that it is due to this spiritual healer that a revolution has taken place in my spiritual life. Such as 

concentration in Salaah, meditation in dhikr (an act of remembering Allah ui^ ), practicing taqwa 

(purification of soul with the fear of Allah tjjf®) and daily progress in other spiritual and religious 
practices as well. And I am amazed from where you have got such a phenomenal spiritual healer. 

♦ During a journey, I once met an extremely pious and elderly Aalim (a person who has acquired the 
true knowledge of Islam) from Jhawariyan (District Sargodha-Pakistan). 'Two priceless treasures' 
came up in our discussion and he said that the whole day his son preaches deen (Islamic way of 

life) and Allah u?® is raising him, and he is getting sustenance from divine, people ask him where 
do you get wealth from? And he replies that if you also read these spiritual healers (waza'if) with 

similar belief, confidence and conviction, Allah ui^ will provide for you as well. 

♦ A young man who used to read Two priceless treasures as his routine. Said: that he went to 
Denmark to pursue his higher education, I experienced that whenever I had to appear in an 
interview or a discussion in person, I never faced any difficulty. I always had inner contentment, 
peace and firm belief in myself and I replied to the questions with immense belief and confidence 
and always succeeded. 

♦ Another person narrated that it is my practice to read this it whenever I need to seek help from 

someone elder than I am. And Allah WM helps me through with the blessings of it. 

♦ There is an important observation that numerous people have quoted that they have seen the 
popularity of 'Two priceless treasures' in hospitals and have seen patients and their family reading 
it excessively. And they have witnessed that those patients who read it with regularity, recovered 

rapidly by the grace of Allah M 

♦ I sent 'Two priceless treasures' to a prisoner in Bahawalpur (Pakistan) central jail. Sometime later, 
I received a letter from him, asking for more booklets of it. I sent him a big bundle through some 
source and forgot about it. After a while, I received several letters and met some people face to face. 
And the information that they gave me was surprising. One of them said: He was jailed in three 
different prisons within Pakistan and that during his extensive imprisonment in jail, he saw Page 22 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

prisoners reciting 'Two priceless treasures', even the Jail guards on duty used to do so and he 
observed it in all the jails he was kept. 

♦ It is s apparent that ladies have read the Two priceless treasures in great numbers and it is still being 
read by hundreds if not thousands of them. And I am mentioning only two incidents narrated by 
them, about the benefits, incidents and observations of it. 

♦ A woman narrated: I had been was sick for a long time. I had various treatments but all futile. 
Someone advised me that it might be because of withcery. I never really believed in witchcraft and 
sorcery. And somehow I managed to get hold of 'Two priceless treasures' and started to read it as 
much as possible. I practiced it for about 1 1 months. Surprisingly the culprits confessed to me for 
their witchery and they presumed that the magic I did on them, in return was far more effective than 
theirs. I told them that I haven't done any enchantment or magic instead, I simply read 'Two 
priceless treasures' and it is due to the blessings of this that your magic has turned back on you. 

♦♦♦ Another woman narrated her incident. She said that often her stuff used to be moved from their 
place. And sometimes scattered around the home. Fire used to break out in the clothing suit cases. 
And even in the beds. I started to read 'Two priceless treasures' as much as possible nevertheless, 
the whole family started to read it in all the rooms of the house and blow it on water and sprinkle 
the water on the walls of the house. And by this all mischief of spirits was eliminated and the home 
regained its peace and serenity once again. 

Dear Readers! If you want to get the most benefit out of this spiritual healer The Two priceless treasures 
then recite: Priceless treasure no. 1 twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening or once a day at 
least). With Every time reciting it 21 times with 11 time durood shareef (for example: 

MzA lie lilt Lk 

*Ww ^^XP aXj) ijA+f) i n the beginning and end of it. Recite priceless treasure no. 2 at least 313 times 
daily and there is no limit to it. 

♦ A person complained that his neighbor was at odds to him and is using illicit means to make false 
accusations on him. I advised him to read Two priceless treasures. When he met me after sometime 
he told me that his neighbor has abolished his immoral behavior and now greets me with 
hospitality. Page 23 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

♦♦♦ Someone I knew used to have a motor vehicle battery business. His income was not sufficient 
enough to make ends meet. And with little means he had to support a large family. Besides the fact 
that he was good at managing his domestic expenses, his financial conditions were worsening. In 
such circumstances, he was reading various spiritual healers (waza'if) and using talismans. Some 
thought it was witchery (black magic), others mentioned evil talismans and yet a few people 
believed it to be the mischief of spirits (jinn). Finally when I met him, I advised him to read 'Two 

priceless treasures \ And by the grace and blessings of Allah ti^, his condition improved. 
♦♦♦ I not only have visitors with physical ailments in my clinic instead numerous spiritually entangled 
patients visit me as well, for a relief to witchery and enchantment. It is my experience that 
whenever I advised, 'Two priceless treasures' to such patients and they read it with full 

concentration, they were showered by Allah WM's blessings. I have been experiencing the blessings 
of it for ages. I have seen desolated homes once again finding companionships and serenity in their 
homes and devastated people become prosperous. 

♦♦♦ A MNA (Member of National Assembly-Pakistan) came to me for spiritual treatment. I did a 
spiritual healer (dum) on him, gave him a few talismans and asked him to read 'Two priceless 
treasures ' with regularity. Since he was disturbed and was rejected from everywhere, he listened 
attentively to my advice and began it religiously. His circumstances improved progressively. 

♦♦♦ A Major (from Army) once had an argument with his Colonel in Command. Their relationship was 
strained as a result of the argument and the Major felt his job at stake. When he met me, I advised 
him to read priceless treasure no. 2 as much as possible. And he read it with full concentration, 
faith and attention. And the case was decreed in the Major's favor. 

♦ During a meeting with a student of Hadhrat Maulana Tariq Jamil (Damat Barakatahum) who had 
come from the United States of America (USA) to Pakistan to acquire religious education asked me 
to tell him of a spiritual healer, to end the weaknesses of his past life and something to make his 
religious (and spiritual) life progressive. I just told him to read one of Asma-ul-Husna (The beautiful 

names of Allah iM?). He met me after approximately one and a half years and I had forgotten about him. 
He said that when I started reading the Asma-ul-Husna I felt surprising things happening around 
me. I could know if a person was being dishonest in his discussion and if he has committed some 
sin even adultery. I experienced noor (bright light) in my Salaah. However, I refrained from reading it 
then, as I didn't wanted to develop hatred for the faults/sins of my fellow Muslim brothers. I advised him to Page 24 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

continue reading it instead in a different manner and because of it only your inner self becomes pure 
and radiant and the external state of others won't be revealed to you. 


♦ A pious man once said to me that he was under debt and despite his efforts he wasn't able to pay it 
off. And the interest was rising along with it, making it even harder to payoff. And the time came 
that I had to sell my house. My whole family and I read priceless treasure no. 2 almost 125,000 
times and we felt some relief. We again did another 125,000 of it and continued with this practice 
seven times (125,000 each). The more we recited it, the more problems were resolved and our 

difficulties started to lessen. We were amazed how we came out of this crisis and how Allah ui^ 
solved our problems. 
♦♦♦ A family was extremely worried for better proposals for their children. They tried their best but all 
their efforts were fruitless. The whole family read the priceless treasure no. 2 125,000 times 
together. (Dear Readers! Please bear in mind that spiritual healers should be recited by those who 
are sincere and sympathetic to the family and their circumstances. And have loyalty, intentness, and 
purity of the souls (tazkiya) within them. These qualities cannot be present in those people who 
expect a certain reward in cash or provisions and rations in return for recitations. Besides, there 
would be no benefit of this act since the actual benefit is in sincerity and performing an act for 
Allah's sake alone). The family recited 5 sets (nisab) each of 125,000 counts of the priceless 
treasure no. 2 and their difficulties in marriage proposals for children were eliminated. 

♦ Similarly, a person used to reside in Al-Ain, Dubai (UAE). He struggled to find yet unsuccessful. 
He was heavily under debt. All friends and relatives abandoned him. He started reading priceless 

treasure no. 2 and had only completed 3 sets (each of 125,000 counts) when Allah uM> opened the 
doors of His Mercy and Blessings from the unseen. 

Dear Readers! By the grace of Allah 13w, reading 3, 5 or a maximum of 7 sets (each of 125,000 counts) 
of this spiritual healer is the key to all types of difficulties. It does take time and effort yet all problems 
are resolved for good. Page 25 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

After the observations of millions of people and continuous experiences, these four accepted practices 
combined is a gem inundated with extreme effectiveness and spiritual treasures. It is an invigorating 
message for disaster- stricken people and patients with incurable and fatal diseases, a ray of Mercy from 

Allah ui^ for the unemployed and underprivileged, a credible treatment for those under the influence of 
spirits (jinn) and witchery (black magic), astounding pearls for the aspirants of Asma ul Husna (the 

beautiful names of Allah i$?§), a ray of hope for the release of criminals from prison, an aid for the oppressed 
and dejected, an enlightenment for those who have obstacles in marriage proposals. Indeed a great relief 
for the suffering humanity. 

Read the spiritual healer and blow it on water and give it to those who are under the influence of sorcery 
(black magic), spirits (jinn) and the evil eye, even to the disobedient children. It can also be recited over 
sugar, dissolved in water or milk and then given in a drink. Similarly, it can be used for domestic 
conflicts between spouses and families. Recite it and blow around all four boundary walls of the house 

(imagining its safety and surroundings through it, by the grace of Allah tHI). 


Take saffron (in its pure form) and dip it in rose water. Write priceless treasures no. 1 & 2 on paper 

using this mixture (as ink) 5, 7 or 21 times. Place this paper in water and give it to drink to patients, 

disobedient children, people with mutual disagreements and domestic disputes, and people under the 

influence of the evil eye, witchery (black magic), or spirits (jinn). Surprisingly, its effectiveness is 

guaranteed and is a routine of countless people. 


Distributing this booklet also resolves difficulties, tensions, physical & spiritual problems, domestic 

issues. The more people recite it, the more widespread would be the continuous reward or charity 

(sadqa-e-jarya) of the person distributing it. And who knows that a end user of it recites it with such a 

passion and belief that his act gets accepted in the august court of Allah l^sl. And the person who 

became the source of him, Allah W& accepts his act of charity and resolves his problems whether 
physical or spiritual. Page 26 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 

Nevertheless, it is an act to spread the act of the Blessed Prophet's Sunnah (masnoon amal) and it is 
indeed a great reward in itself. These booklets can be distributed in different quantities (such as 313, 
786, 1100, 2100, 3300 and even more) at hospitals, prisons, railway stations, bus stops, super stores, hair 
salons, and at Masajid (pi. of Masjid) after the Jummah (Friday) prayer. While distributing the booklets, 

please bear in mind the respect and dignity of Allah ui^'s word. This booklet can be distributed in small 
towns and metropolitan cities and it would be more beneficial it is sent to places where it is hard to get 
one. You can print this booklet by yourself or you can purchase for the price i.e. equivalent to its 
printing price from Ubqari Institute, 78/3 Qurtaba Chowk, Ubqari Street, Moazang Chungi, Lahore, 
Pakistan. It is also available online at While printing the booklet please do not make 
any change in its content and appearance. 

After the Fajir Salaah (Morning Prayer) write down priceless treasure no. 1 once, priceless treasure no. 
2 either 7 or 21 times with black or blue ink on a paper. Take some flour equivalent to one chappati 
(bread), knead the dough and place the paper inside it. And flow it in any river, stream, spring, well, 

large pond or sea. While writing it, keep in mind that you are writing a request to Allah W& stating your 
difficulties and problems and while putting it into the water keep the thought similar to Hadhrat Omer 

%e> who put a letter into the River Nile. Repeat this practice consecutively for 7, 21, 40 or 90 days and 

if by chance a day is skipped, start again. This practice is an effective secret for difficulties, worries and 


Please keep an essential thing in mind that whenever you start a spiritual healers, follow it with 

punctuality and regularity. Abandoning it half way and starting another one and so on will never give 

relief instead such practices have witnessed greater loss. Page 27 of 28 Ed. December, 2011 


I am enlightening all my friends with a concise yet comprehensive durood sharif (salutations for the 

Prophet m. 



*iJl£iiJl JU> 

Regarding durood sharif, Imam Abdul Wahab Al Sha'rani (RA) narrates that the Blessed Prophet m3& 
said: "Whosoever recites this durood sharif, he has opened the 70 doors of Allah's Mercy upon himself 

and Allah awwill place his love in others' hearts. So, the only person to be spiteful of him will be the 

one who is deceptive" 

Imam Abdul Wahab Al Sha'rani (RA) further narrates that our shaykh, Sayyedi Ali Khawas (RA) has said 

that before this hadith, there is a saying of the Blessed Prophet ffi§l in which He has said that, "he 
amongst you will be the most closest to me, who, whenever takes my name, conveys durood sharif to 

Reference: Shaykh Muhammad Yousafbin Ismail Nabhani J^at SjL-all J& ±±* cjhUI (Arabic), 
Printed in Beirut, 1309 Hijri, Pg. 237 Page 28 of 28 Ed. December, 2011